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John Freya Adira Leather Phone Holster Pouch


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  • Phone holster features an adjustable twin snap button design, the mobile phone will not be shaken in it, prevent friction and easy to fix. The button can be adjusted according to the need
  • Suitable for iPhone and most common mobile phones
  • Made by durable strong stitch & thread
  • STYLE: The waist bag is slightly inclined while wearing, regardless of left and right, easy to take out the phone, not easy to lose

John Freya Adira Leather Phone Holster Pouch. The Adira retro style, cell phone holster is not only a charming handmade product, but also a work of art, well-proportioned & elegant carefully hand-crafted by our expert craftsmen. It can be used as men’s cell phone belt loop waist holster, tactical holster, never out of style.

Stylish convenient-to-use quick & easily accessible with adjustable twin snap button design holster/ pouch is durable with classic and vintage design make it convenient and suitable for daily life.

John Freya Adira Leather Phone Holster Pouch, retro style holster/ pouch made by finest smooth grain, traditionally tanned premium grade cow leather. The soft yet resilient leather is durable and robust, it gives a unique look and feels which combines luxury and antique touch, more it ages, the more attractive it looks.

It is perfect for all kinds of outdoor carrying, travel, whether you’re hiking, camping, or on the daily commute. Well-proportioned made holster is practical and extremely comfortable to wear.




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John Freya Adira Leather Phone Holster Pouch
John Freya Adira Leather Phone Holster Pouch